pp1What is the cost per hour?
20€ (plus VAT) basic charge, with minimum fee of 3 hours.

pp1Is this price for one child?
No. The price remains unchanged, if the service concerns up to two children.

pp1Is an extra charge added for every other child?
For every other child an extra 5,00 € charge is added.

pp1Could we have a lower price?
Of course! For more than 5 hours there is a discount of 5%, i.e 19€/hour! Respectively, for a request extending to more than 9 hours discount is provided of 10%, i.e 18€/hour.

pp1What is the ratio between children and childcare workers?
Five (5) children per one (1) childcare worker. Beyond this ratio, the employment of a second childcare worker is mandatory.

pp1Additional costs

Night booking

pp1In case we need childcare worker after 22:00, the fee remains the same?
Between 22:00-06:00, the hourly rate is increased by 10% to 22,00 €.

pp1How will the childcare worker return to her home?
In case of a child worker departing from the hotel from 24:00 – 06:00, a safe-return reimbursement of 20,00€ is added to the final price.

Urgent booking requests

pp1Could we have an urgent booking request?
Of course! Ideally, if you could inform us one hour earlier up to 18.00.

pp1If we are in a hurry or if we are in an urgent situation?
A childcare worker is always available! An added charge of 15€, when the booking takes place after 18:00 of the previous day.

pp1Cancelation Policy

pp1In case we cancel our request for childcare worker, do we have a refund?
Of course, we have a 100% refund policy, apart from any related banking fees, when a cancellation occurs up to 48 hours before the arranged babysitting appointment.

pp1In case we cancel our request 24 hours earlier?
We have a 50% refund policy, apart from any banking related fees.

4Last Minute Cancelation

pp1In case we cancel 6 hours earlier?
We do not refund any cancellations that occur in less than 6 hours.

pp1If we want to cancel our booking a call is enough?
No, your cancelation must be written and sent by e-mail.

Please Note: The cancellation of an agreed and pre-paid service can take place only in a written statement (e-mail) and is agreed only after the reception of a confirmation reply from Familior.

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