familior curiosity boxesFamilior offers one-to-one babysitting in the comfort of your hotel room. Hands on activities to learn and have fun are specially designed for each children age group and placed in Familior’s Curiosity Boxes.

Each box contains fun and educational activities specially designed for three different age groups (0-2, 3-6, 7-12). Arts & Crafts, Science and Greek Culture are the main topics that are developed through interactive activities. All the activities are designed and implemented taking into account the needs, desires, interests and cognitive background of children, as well as the needs of their parents. Our goal is to develop children's social, emotional, physical, verbal and cognitive skills, encouraging critical thinking, initiative, creativity and entertainment. Participating in interactive activities and contacting authentic material and games is part of the educational process. The services that we offer have been designed by a team of child psychologists, pedagogues and childcare professionals, utilizing the principles and methodology of the child-centered pedagogical model of learning and teaching. The theoretical background of designing all the educational services of our organization is based on the empirical and experiential approach of knowledge.

The main methodological and interpretative tools that we use during the educational activities are:

  • The subject’s expansion through conceptual maps or brainstorming
  • Interactive exploration of issues
  • The method of open questions in educational process
  • The use of authentic objects, which children can process with all their senses
  • Activities focused on the process, rather than on the outcome.
  • The coordinating and mediating role of the educator

The main objectives of the activities are:

  • To encourage children’s critical thinking, initiative and creativity
  • To develop children’s skills for observation, research, discovery in order to understand the natural and artificial world
  • To develop children’s interest in the natural and man–made environment
  • Children to learn and have fun
  • To make children understand how to learn

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