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One of the greatest gifts we can make to our children is to help them get a positive image of themselves. This will not happen in one day - it is a process that takes time. However, with small, simple, everyday actions, we can make children feel special and have positive feelings for themselves.

Here are some of the ways to achieve this:

1. Children need our time. We do not have enough free time and our lack of it fills us with guilt, but guilt does not help. Even if the time we can spend is little, let us at least be able to be really present. The time we spend with kids does not need to be devoted to playing only. We can spend well dancing with loud music, making a picnic on the floor of the living room or reading a book on the couch.

2. We can welcome the children with a smile when they return home from school. Or if they are already at home when we get back from work, we open the door in a positive mood. It is not enough just to be glad to see them, we have to show them. Is your face illuminated when you see them? Are your eyes shining?

3. Hide notebooks in their lunch bag for school or their room. It may just be a "good morning" or a funny phrase or a smile. It may be a sticker on their fruit. It may be more personal ... It depends on the children's character and age. Let it be something that will make them smile and feel that we think about them.

4. If we have more than one child, it is important to plan personal time with each one separately. Whether it's an ice cream evening or preparing a cake in the kitchen, the kids will feel beautiful to have our exclusivity. And these memories will accompany them all their lives.

5. Ask for their opinion. Whether it is something that concerns us or something that concerns them, the fact that we ask them and we take their opinion into account makes them feel important.

6. Children love to hear stories from the years when they were "young"! Let's tell them old stories often, let's see old photos together, let's share our thoughts from that time and see them flood with beautiful feelings.

7. A calm morning preparation without pressure and fights and a pleasant evening can be hard to be achieved, but be sure that it can be done. The morning preparation sets the tone of the day, while the evening gives the opportunity for brief, meaningful conversations with the children about how their day went. To reduce tensions, we need to have predefined routines with the things that need to be done. We also take care to remind ourselves that we are the adults, therefore, the burden on us is to find ways to minimize tensions. If children realize that we are rushing to drive them out in the morning for school or are looking forward to shutting them down at night to sleep, they will not feel special any more.

8. When they speak, we stop for a while what we are doing and look at them in the eyes. When they see that they have our full attention, they will not just feel they are special but they will cease to feel the need to invent new excuses in order to earn our time.

9. There are two very strong phrases that you can tell your child: “I Love you” and “I believe in you." Children need to hear those words, not only to feel them. Tender words and hugs overflow the bucket and make the kids really feel special. When children know that we believe in them, they feel ready to open their wings and conquer the world.

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