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Travelling with children is an adventure in itself. Helping parents with the practical things of travelling with their kids is a huge responsibility for hotel professionals while at the same time providing a stay at hotels that is fun, inspirational and relaxing.
“Family-friendly” as a concept refers to all family members as a unit but as individuals too. Here are three family member age groups (adults, babies & toddlers and young children) with several ideas for each to consider.


Offering group or personalized entertaining and rejuvenating services to parents, a hotel creates complete and integrated accommodation experiences.

  • Create and propose activities for Mum and Dad to enjoy together, such as a romantic meal or leisure pursuit, while offering supervised crèche services for babies and on-site entertainment options for older children.
  • Propose postnatal or pampering activities and treatments for Mums to re-energize, but be sure to also offer any Dads a range of services to choose from too (football, basketball, chess tournament, etc). Pursuing individual parent activities in such a way also appeals to any families staying with just one parent.
  • Provide a “Baby Breakfast”. In “Baby Breakfast” child carers pick a family’s baby or babies up early in the morning to be fed and cared for, allowing the parent(s) alone time to enjoy a restful morning, relaxing breakfast or revitalizing spa session.
  • Provide babies and/or young children with swimming lessons with a qualified child instructor. Parents can also join or watch on from the side.


Travelling with babies can be fun and complicated too. And this can be an advantage for hotels. Investing in kids services that help provide baby care, a hotel will stand out from the competition by showing that it accommodates families as a priority.

  • Cribs
  • Baby trolleys
  • Babysitting, crèche and playpens
  • Nappy bins
  • Changing mats
  • Bottle warmers or bottle-heating room service
  • Arranged agreement for callout doctor visits should they be necessary
  • Baby essentials such as nappies, wipes and cream as part of a toiletries pack
  • Baby bibs at the hotel restaurant
  • Puree and baby food at the bar/restaurant


Small children and pre-teens are essential to have the chance to have fun at a hotel. This makes the whole family happy and calm.

  • Kids menus including healthy options
  • Kid-size pyjamas, bathrobes and slippers
  • Activities including child care such as bike tours, water sports, cooking lessons, or interactive pursuits including outside treasure hunts.
  • LEGO butler or any toy delivery in the room, by developing a toy room-service menu. If room-service is not your strong suit, you can reserve a drawer or a box only for toys, for children to enjoy in their room.
  • Babysitting service
  • Bedtime story butler, reading the perfect bedtime story according to your kids
  • Kids and teens clubs
  • Children afternoon tea or a play-area that you can do in a conference room or in the bar area, to optimize these spaces, sometimes quiet in the afternoon (under supervision of course)
  • Candy Man within the hotel, to deliver candy, chocolate bar or gummy bears with his cart
  • Welcoming gift for kids: you can include hotel T-shirts, coloring books, yo-yo, and teddy bears. Personalized it according to your hotel identity!
  • Set up a section of each main common area for children to play in while their parents can watch on. You can deck it out with board games, toys, superhero costumes and indoor playground facilities such as a mini slide. This also provides an opportunity to partner with local companies that provide products or services for children.
  • Prepare for rainy days by offering indoor activity options too, including classes, courses and shows. You can seek to make it unique to your hotel by leveraging local history, traditions, events, culture or folklore.


  • Offer standard rooms that can be family-customized with optional extras. These can include snacks and welcome family food packs, a crib or cot, mini fridge, children's TV channels, play boxes with toys and activities and outdoor entertainment options.
  • Make your lobby area cozy for children with a play area and toys while parents check in or out or simply want to sit and relax with a refreshment.
  • Prepare budget-friendly, quality packed lunch for adults and kids alike.
  • Create child discounts offers (tours, activities, etc.)
  • Set up an area of the restaurant dining room for children with small tables, easy activities and colorful decor.
  • Offer extended check out on all family bookings.
  • Make and promote a checklist of the 10 essential things to do in your city or local area.
  • Form partnerships with local swimming instructors to offer lessons for kids in the morning, or with gyms and other activity centers to offer other types of classes for adults.
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