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Kids Love Art: The benefits of arts & crafts in children development

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Kids love art. Art is thrilling and fun. Having finger paints all over your body to create a full-bodied picture of yourself is awesome. Acting in a play is wonderful experience. Composing an easy piece of music or playing musical instruments is an outstanding filing.

Simple art activities are some of the building blocks of child development. Learning to create and appreciate visual and non-visual aesthetics is fundamental to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.

Children thrive when they make art and below are some of the reasons why arts help kids learn and develop important characteristics which they will need as adults.

Art encourages creativity

Arts and crafts encourage kids to be creative and innovative. Creativity is the ability to string two unrelated ideas together in a new way and art materials and projects provide this to children. Everyday life seeks innovative and creative solutions. If children have practice thinking creatively, it will come naturally to them now and in their future life.

Art develops motor skills

Fine motor skills apply mostly to young children and it involves small movements. Picking up tiny objects, manipulate a pencil, gripping a paint brush, cutting with scissors, drawing dots and lines and squeezing a bottle of glue, are some of the tasks a child has to undertake, that need dexterity and coordination. Of course all these tasks are fun and engaging, so kids want to repeat them over and over again. As kids participate to art activities over time their fine motor skills improve.    

Art strengthens problem-solving and decision making.

Art projects are nothing but endless opportunities for making choices, taking decisions, coming to conclusions and evaluating results. Learning how to make choices will certainly carry over into children education and other parts of life as this is certainly a valuable skill in adulthood. As long as children have more experience with a variety of materials and art technics the more likely they are to try new combinations and ideas creating something innovative and develop critical thinking.  

Art helps kids collaborate and connect

Many of art projects require kids to work together, helping create a common ground for children who are not acquainted or do not have the same interests. Children in a group art project have to share responsibility and compromise to achieve their common goal. Kids learn that their contribution to the group is integral to its success. A success that engage kids in a shared and mutually loved art activity.

Art improves visual processing abilities

Art teaches children how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, in order to make choices based on it. Drawing, painting, sculpting and working on crafts helps children develop visual-spatial skills. We notice patterns, colors and every day visual stimulations without thinking twice. That is because when we were kids we worked on arts & crafts and our artistic efforts were promoted. This cognitive development is very important in children early years.

Art builds confidence

Art activities are fun and engaging. At the end of an activity, children feel pleased with themselves. They gain confidence in their ability as problem solvers and feel willing to try other challenging activities. Conducting art projects that are focused on the presses and not the outcome, empower children with positive emotional responses to learning. Children understand that they created something unique and important, and when we encourage and promote this creativity, kids enjoy a feeling of self-pride.

Art improves academic performance and promotes executive functioning

The skills that children develop when they are involved with art activities, spill over into academic achievement. That’s because when children are creating a craft they focus attention, control impulses and use working memory. These skills are very useful for later professional and academic success.

Art teaches children understand themselves and their world

Art provides a safe environment for children to express themselves and process new information that absorb every day. Art projects and materials provide an open and secure expression of emotions and thoughts. Colors, images, lines and movement help children express and understand their world in a way that is more comfortable for them than words.

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