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The added value of a family-friendly hotel

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In the current period the hotel industry is becoming more competitive than ever before, for this reason hotels should provide astounding services to meet the needs of demanding customers. The latest trend in the Hospitality Sector is the transformation of Hotels into family friendly places, where children are in the epicenter of the attention, and the family has a unique experience for them and their children.

A high level “family-friendly” hotel policy is a key issue in order a hotel to stand out and to attract a wide range of customers. Hotels should invest in new services towards a family-friendly context, given that most of the parents find it difficult to provide care and attention to their children during their vacation. Parents fail to counterbalance these needs and to find the appropriate nanny during their holidays. Therefore, they usually find a random person to look after their children without any references or specific skills. This has an impact on the hotels, as parents do not prefer to spend their vacation in a hotel without childcare facilities or a specific family friendly program.

Under this framework, a unique opportunity emerges for the hotels as they could gain a competitive advantage by offering to families high-quality childcare and babysitting services. A “family-friendly” policy , not only could increase the reputation of the hotel (through good rates in tripadvisor i.e) but could also attract more families as customers.

In order to achieve “family friendly” policy, the hotel babysitting and childcare activities constitute the appropriate pathway, as hotels could provide supervised activities for different ages, ranging from 0 to 15 years old. Particularly, a suitable daycare facility inside the hotel for babies and toddlers (0-3) is an incentive for families, given that this age group requires great attention. The hotels which provide a high-qualified daycare facility are an attractive destination for families with little children. Within this context, apart from spending some invaluable family time, parents have the option to leave their children in a safe and recreational environment whilst they have time to spend on their holidays for leisure or other entertaining activities.

Moreover, a hotel by providing babysitting services and childcare activities could reap different benefits. According to tripsavy.com, a prerequisite for a hotel to be considered as luxury is to provide great amenities and facilities to its customers, including babysitting. Apart from this, hotel babysitting services aim to increase the likelihood of repeated customers, by enhancing their experience in the hotel. Having childcare facilities that are safe and attractive is a positive element for the hotels and the families that choose to spend their time in there. The babysitting services let parents enjoy their relaxation during their holidays, spending their money on leisure activities provided by the hotel. Conversely, their children will spend their time with reliable and skilled professionals through numerous childcare activities with educational and recreational content.

Given that the hotel babysitting sector is new, there are no specific indicators of the Return on Investment (ROI) but it should be mentioned that the childcare services could generate direct and indirect revenues. Indirect revenues could come from the use of activities such as spa, gym, cinema, sports or other facilities of the hotel and direct from the increase of family reservations.

It is inferred that meeting the needs of the families, through high quality babysitting and childcare services, the hotels gain a significant advantage, as they will facilitate the holidays period for the parents. In this way, families that are satisfied with the provided services not only could book again this hotel for their next holidays but also to suggest it to friends or to write positive reviews, increasing its reputation.

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